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Update on goals (about 20% success overall) [Sep. 13th, 2012|09:15 am]
This is an update on http://irgth.livejournal.com/74682.html

1. Improve skills as a RoR dev - made some progress (and have expanded to Sinatra, EventMachine, and even a little bit of Java).  I'd say I achieved about 15% of this goal.

2. Actually race.  Didn't happen.  I signed up for one race (341 challenge), but it was cancelled.  There were no other interesting races that my car/me qualified for.  0%.

3. Get in shape.  Nope.  Gained 5 pounds, and probably lost a bit of muscle. -10%

4. Photography.  Nope. 0%.

5. Piano/Music.  I did buy a Clarineo (should've bought a regular clarinet) and a Keyboard.  I've been playing about 15-30 minutes a day for the last month or so.  Currently, I'm working on writing a very simple, short song (that I can actually play...) that I should record soon.  5%.

6. Maid.  I can afford it, but none of the maid services will do all the things I want done (clean the cat box, windows, dishes, laundry).  0%.

7. Debt.  Other than my mortgage, I have less than $6K left to pay off.  I should have that taken care of by November or December. 80%

8. Side Business. Nope.  Had to suspend my side business, due to the company I work for being acquired, and the new owners having very strict limitations on outside work. -1%

9. Raise.  Significant raise after the acquisition.  The new owner has a different schedule for annual performance reviews.  Mine was just completed, and despite a glowing review and increased demand for my skills, my raise was small.  90%